Protecting the envir­onment and nature

Living from and with nature

Nature provides us with the setting for our outdoor activities, and protecting nature is thus funda­mental to our existence and our live­lihoods. This is why we as a company have committed ourselves to protecting the envir­onment and nature, using resources conscien­tiously. This applies both to our direct envir­on­mental impacts resulting from our business oper­ations and to our production sites.

We also take steps that ensure that our footwear is produced and finished in an envir­on­mentally conscious manner, that material is optimally used and that our transport oper­ations respect the envir­onment. We reuse materials and raw materials whenever possible.

The goal of zero pollution is a major part of these efforts. We use a Restricted Substances List to either completely eliminate chemical substances from our products or to reduce them to the legal minimum.

We endeavour to avoid or reduce waste wherever possible. An envir­on­mentally responsible, legally compliant form of disposal must be assured and should be docu­mented.

Protecting our climate and reducing greenhouse gases are essential if we want to save the envir­onment. For this reason, we take steps in our business activities to achieve the goal set by the Paris Agreement of limiting the rise of global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. We expect our business partners to make this commitment, too.

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Photo­voltaic systems

Increasing energy effi­ciency and boosting the use of renewable energy are explicit goals at LOWA. Since 2015, a large section of the company car park at the Jetzendorf site has been covered by a photo­voltaic system. And since 2018, photo­voltaic panels have been successively installed on the rooves of the warehouse and production buildings. Thus, we can meet around 45 percent of our annual power needs with solar power that has been produced on site. We use 100 percent green, hydro­electric power to satisfy the remaining demand.

We are also pursuing the expansion of renewable energies at our other locations.

  • 45 percent of the electricity demand in Jetzendorf is covered by photovoltaic systems.

    45 percent of the elec­tricity demand in Jetzendorf is covered by photo­voltaic systems.

Company vans and buses

All of our sites provide a van and/or bus service to transport employees to and from work. This replaces indi­vidual car journeys, thus helping to cut carbon emissions.

In Jetzendorf, seven such small buses now replace the journeys of more than 50 indi­vidual vehicles – making a signi­ficant daily contri­bution to combating climate change. In addition, we have installed electric charging stations at our Jetzendorf and Priel sites.

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Upcycling – Making use of leftover materials

Manu­facture is always going to create some level of waste, and this is true of our production facilities, despite our best efforts. As much as we try to conserve materials and resources, there are still waste products such as punch remnants and leftover leather that aren’t suitable for further use in the tradi­tional sense, in that the pieces are too small or are only available in small quantities.

Instead of throwing these away, we turn them into items such as our utensil bags, shoe care sets and pencil cases. Since the available material is always a bit different, the appearance and colour of these products can vary.

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Recycled paper

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Despite switching to elec­tronic commu­nication in many cases, we are still a long way from having a fully paperless office. So LOWA uses 100% recycled paper that carries the Blue Angel mark.

Protecting nature

LOWA products are designed to give our customers the best-possible outdoor experience. We want the people who purchase our products to use them in nature, enjoy nature and live in harmony with the natural world. We are also fully aware that there is an ambi­valence here, in that many regions have been visibly damaged by overuse, which includes tourism and outdoor activities.

  • LOWA Aufforstung
  • LOWA Aufforstung

Annual refor­estation by staff

In order to do something about this problem, the LOWA staff have been taking part in a refor­estation scheme in the Bavarian State Forests since 2001. The annual plantings financed by LOWA protect one of our most valuable ecosystems – the forest.

On a weekend in September or October, our employees make their way to the Bavarian mountain forests and slopes to plant over 500 young trees. As well as helping to expand and maintain a healthy mixed forest, this refor­estation work also prevents mudslides and avalanches. The costs of the saplings, travel to the site, accom­modation and meals are covered by LOWA.

  • LOWA staff plant around 500 trees annually

    LOWA staff plant around 500 trees annually

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With the sale of our LOWINGO cuddly toy, we support the species protection projects of the WWF. We have also been cooperating with the Bavarian Landesbund für Vogelschutz, a regional society for the protection of birds, since 2021.

The WWF is one of the world’s largest nature conser­vation charities and works to protect nature, habitats and animal and plant species. The organ­isation has been active for more than 50 years and now carries out its work in over 100 countries. The WWF strives to stop the global destruction of nature and the envir­onment and to create a future in which people and nature can live in harmony.

LO & WA Adventure Booklet

To convey a sense of fun and enjoyment of nature to parents and children, LOWA publishes the Adventure Booklet featuring the char­acters LO & WA. This biannual magazine is listed in the German National Library and has enjoyed great popularity amongst younger readers. Each issue includes stories for children and adults alike, lots of reading material and tips and tricks for cooking or craft projects. It is a fun way for children to learn more about animals, plants and the envir­onment itself.

The peregrine falcon LOWINGO joins the siblings LO & WA on their adventures. The three friends got to know one another in the first issue of the Adventure Booklet. LOWINGO had become caught in a plastic bag and could not get free. LO & WA saved the trapped bird of prey and were awarded with a flute as an expression of thanks. The flute enables the siblings to become as small as a mouse. After shrinking them­selves, they hop onto LOWINGO’s back and fly off to their next adventure – journeys that have already taken them to many countries in the world.

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